Monday, August 17, 2009


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What is loneliness ?

“the state of being alone in solitary isolation” that’s how dictionary defines it. But you can be alone or rather feel lonely in pretty much at any place. A crowded bus or a movie theater or even at home with your family. So the real definition of loneliness can be “the state of being alone in solitary isolation physically or mentally”. Because when we are alone in life and in our own little world it really does not matter how many living things are around you. Are you feeling lonely?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sound of music

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Some say music can heal the soul. I’m sure we all have experience this fact one way of the other even though we really don’t know if It did. Maybe your whole day was just made it this way from the sound of the music which you heard as soon you got up in the morning. Or from the tune you listened while you were driving or seated in the bus. Which way it is it just gives you a boost just like a sip of coffee on a long stressful day.

But from my rude experience music can ruin the soul pretty much the same way. Music is a mix of sounds which is rhythmically composed which stimulates our senses. Our senses are just like clay. You water it up the correct amount and you can do wonderful sculptures with it. But you add more water it’s just turns in to mud which does not do that good. So everything has its own wicked opposites. If the music is tied up with any bad experience in your life listening to it over and over will make you relive that moment over and over as well. Which at times could be a painful experience. I don’t know how many of you really have that kind of experience but I honestly do.


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