Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What if I was him!!

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Yesterday when I was driving in the dusty roads of the central Colombo looking at all the hassle alongside the roads suddenly a strange thought came in to my mind. What if I was him!! A man begging for some cash moving from vehicle to vehicle at a color light junction who does not have both limbs. What can his life be like? To whom his responsibilities are and what are his goals in life I wondered. And then another man riding a push cycle with some kind of a load on the back of the cycle trying his level best to go faster. Maybe he have to deliver that load to some place and he is already late. What can his life be like?

In a split second I realized that I was given with a massive opportunity. An opportunity which all of those people had yet is not the same for everyone. An opportunity which shapes up every one and make them a pure successor or a looser. This opportunity is none other than my LIFE. My life which was with me from the day I was borne and still strive to keep me going. And for the amount of luxury that I have in my life which those people which I have mentioned at times can’t even imagine should I actually complaint about the occasional sunlight which peeks through my side mirror? Or should I get really irritated about my lunch getting late for 10mts because someone has given me an urgent assignment?......

This shot is a for the people who really strive to make a living. Even a small joy may seems like a fortune for them. And the real joys in life which we fail to see.

Monday, July 20, 2009


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Have you ever thought about your roots in deep? Some roots can be seeing but the most deepest ones are forgotten with time yet remains silently down under the layers of time. If you were ever given the challenge of remembering everything that made you who you are today which roots will you be proud enough to dig up?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


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TEA!!! Not a strange word to our society. But what really amazes me is the traditions and the life styles which is bound by it. A cup of tea is a part of our day to day life and without it the day seems so empty. For many the day does not start without a cup of tea. It’s like tea has its own mystic way of waking up to a new day. There are many other beverages which we consume and what can you really match up to TEA!?

I present this photo which I captured at Udu dumbara in Kandy for the love of tea. And for the love of people who strive hard to make a decent living. And for their dreams and ambitions.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mind full of fog

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What kind of a superhuman ability do you have?? I mean can you fly or see in the dark?? Or maybe you can tell what I think is it? If then why should I write this you can just crawl in to my mind and read me. Simple as that!!! So I should stop right about ….now.

But then again everyone don’t have that ability which you have. So I will just keep typing my brains out till you get what I’m trying to tell. This picture does not mean much. I know it’s just a regular picture of a tree surrounded by the fog. It seems like the tree is all alone in this vast empty space and in its total wild nature. But look closely… yes ok… look cloooosely…

Mmm no not the watermark I’m talking about!! There are 2 power lines coming out through the fog is it?? So is this tree a really wild tree which stands in a real empty space…?

Think again. This tree is just a glimpse of our own illusion. This tree is situated in a middle of a paddy field where many houses and a small town situated nearby and plenty of activity. But all we can see at this right moment is the tree and the fog has clouded our judgment.

Do you really know how many things in your life that you have covered with a thick fog of illusion and misjudged. Just because you can see something on the surface things many not be the same always. Think twice and think thrice. There is much more than we can see. How much fog do you have in your mind?


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