Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Photographer Marcin Wasiolka makes anything sexy

Best Blogger Tips Check out these wonderful works by Marcin Wasiolka.

Official site here

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Miguel Rita - Feature

Best Blogger Tips Today the feature goes to the amazing landscape photographer from Portugal Miguel Rita. Just enjoy the awesome scenic scapes. Visit here for the official site.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The similarities between drawing and photography

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I don’t know how exactly to put this but In my opinion a photographer and a artist has quite a number of similarities. It is a known fact that drawing was there with us humans for thousands of years but photography is only for 150 plus years. But the foundation of photography was drawing itself as the desire and the goal is almost the same in both crafts.

Let me emphasize more about the extended similarities between photography and drawing shortly. An artist use paint to draw and a photographer uses light. True that  light cannot be mixed or manipulated exactly the way you want like paint but a photographer can always work within its limits. But in a studio the controlling of light becomes more feasible.

An artist uses a surface to draw. Sometimes a canvas and sometimes  a sheet of paper or even a brick wall. While a photographer uses film to do the initial sketch and then film paper to finish. In digital age,  just like digital drawing both uses the pc and the monitor.

Most importantly while an artist draws using a brush a photographer uses a camera to ‘draw’ his piece of art.

Even some aspects like the rule of the thirds apply to both drawing and photography. A good piece of work always comes out with similar understanding of each aspects, rules, methods of creation.
This is one reason why I see that all photographers must be good admirers of arts and all artists must be fans of photography. Even though there is a sector who are good at both arts, not having the skill is not a limit to admire.

So from today think a little bit more when you see a drawing. Think from a photographers perspective and I’m sure you will see quite a lot than usual.

Collection of best Animal photographs

Best Blogger Tips Some times the most simple thing can become a wonderful and joyful element with the touch of photography. Just notice even the most common house animals become so artistic when the correct aspect of photography is applied. I picked these up from the vast web. Here and there..


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