Monday, December 28, 2009

Let the artist know how you feel...

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Most of the time when I go through the comments I receive on my pics and the comments which was given to others photos I tend to realize that people are becoming lazier and lazier to write. First of all let me thank the fans who even say “NICE” or “GOOD shot” to begin with because from what I know they took a step further to actually appreciate the shot than many who didn’t comment at all. Even I don’t comment on each and every shot I see. But when I see something worth some key strokes I don’t hesitate to write a few lines.

Photograph - Priyantha Bandara - Galle - Sri Lanka

Don’t get me wrong here. You don’t have to write a ton of stuff to make your comment a better comment. Everyone don’t have the luxury of time to write long comments including me.  But you can make your comment a read worthy, memorable one even by writing few small lines. What vital is what exactly you want to express within that few lines. I think the most important aspect of a comment is letting know the artist how you feel when you see the photo. Each photo has its mood. Created with subject, lights , focus etc. What mood it convey can differ from person to person. So knowing what it really means to the fan is important. For example one shot made me feel lonely and abandoned while another person thought it shows affection and love. Which is a totally different way of looking at the same work.  So if you can express that in a small line it will be nice.

The other important thing would be to relate that work to your personnel life, experience or something. It can be a smell, desire, memory whatever. Each photo does not comes with one but when you come across work that do so make sure you express yourself. Not in detail but it will make others to live that moment  with you.

Don’t rush via photos because you have a lot in your message box to check. Take your time and enjoy and feel what you see.

There is a whole extended way of commenting called ‘constructive criticism’ which I will write about in future. 

Photograph - Priyantha Bandara - Mahiyanganaya - Sri Lanka

Monday, December 21, 2009

Autumn Mood by Magda Berni

Best Blogger Tips Recently I posted an article about creating your own style. Check these photos. Don't they speak for them selves?? They are done by Magda Berni from poland. Theme " Autumn mood"


Collection of Forests photographs

Best Blogger Tips They existed for millions of years creating and nourishing the environment we live in. And it’s survival is so compulsory that without It we may never survive for long. Loving the mother nature and its beauty is all about loving our selves. Today I feature some astonishing photographs of forests. Enjoy!


  Photographs have being publish without the consent of photographers as photographers are unknown.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Creating your own style of work

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 Sunrise from the mini world end - Hunnasgiriya -Sri Lanka

Every artist in his long journey through his own path via art galaxy some day should build his own style of work. This cannot be rushed and it happens with time for many. There is always a period of learning and there is another period of self enlightenment. After all these stages are gone then there shall be a time period which comes that helps or pushes an artist to be more creative and find out where is his likeness really establish.

Since I’m particularly speaking of photography here, photography has many different styles to begin with. The most common and noticeable kind of artistic approach to photography is going black and white. Obviously this has become and option after the color film was invented only. But this is just a very vague approach of creating a style. This is some thing to do with color. But there can be other many aspects to a style as well. Some build their style keeping color as a center to build it. And some choose composition. Or what they shoot. For example some shoot people. And some get exceptionally better at shooting people and then they start to mix emotional value in to their work. Eventually a style starts to emerge.

What ever the style of your work is there will always be two kinds of fans. The kind that likes it and the kind that does not like it. This is the nature of every art. So the pillar of style is being confident of it. If you keep changing what you do just because one or two say its not good then your missing the whole point. Stick to your style and eventually with time it will evolve to be strong and make you a success.

My style of work is vivid. I rarely go black and white because I’m a color whore. I believe in color. I think color makes humans unique and the ability to create and play with color is a god given talent. Just as I said before some thinks my work is too colorful. Maybe too colorful to be true at times. Well… that’s the whole point. My style of work is not true color!!

Find your own style no matter what. I have even scene photographers who just shoot patterns on cloths and that only!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Mehmet Turgut" Lights and space salute you!

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Mehmet Turgut’s work always mesmerized me. I admire his unique and rare style of capturing deep human emotions. Some may call it bizarre or kind of extreme yet the photos speaks of life and its curves. Almost all his work is studio based and even the pre preps and the effort goes to create them is amazing. I showcase some of his wonderful work below.

If you wish to see more of Mehmet's work visit his official site here
or his Deviantart page here

Mehmet Turgut

Monday, December 14, 2009

How do you “SEE” things?

Best Blogger Tips Being a good photographer is all about the way you see things. Not only seeing but you must possess the ability to visualize something as a photographer to go a step further. Seeing and visualizing is not the same thing. We all see things. That’s one ability we posses. But different individuals see a same thing differently. It could be the angle, the way we compose it in our mind from the place from we are and the distance. But the vision comes bundled with many goodies. Its created with our past experiences, the things we have seeing before and the memories crawling under our blanket called life and living it. There for the vision will require more attention than seeing something. More experience and memories you have in life more different you may see something than others. This is called getting mature by some. As a photographer you should get mature as well.

Earlier I used to see a tree for its natural nature. I just wanted to find a clear view of it and snap. I never cared what’s behind it or any distracting people walking about or wires above. But later on I realized that any tree cannot be an artistic element for a photograph. The beauty of it as a photograph could be completely different than what I may see it in the real location with my naked eye. Then I started to visualize. I visualize how it will look when I remove all the distractions. I visualize how will it be in the provided light condition and how will it come out after I post process it. Adding or removing colors and giving it a more dramatic look using HDR etc. Then the whole place starts to change in front of my eyes. I click the shutter button and post process the shot several times in my mind before I click the real picture on my camera. If I feel like this shot is worth I take it. Or I will return on a different time when the light,mood and the atmosphere is ideal for a photo.

Visualizing has given me space and advantage to do what I do with confidence and do it better most of the time.

Enhance and embrace the power of seeing and visualizing. More great opportunities awaits your lens….

Photograph:  Priyantha Bandara Location: Sithulpahuwa - Sri Lanka

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Max Ash - photography is art

Best Blogger Tips The moment I saw the work of Max Ash I was stunned. Needless to say that he has his style and art, Check out some of his wonderful landscape work. If you wish to see his artistic nudes photography visit here.


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